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mistral is a space formakingconstellations,inspired by collecting as an activated state of being, that potentially never settles. mistral is also a space to hang out and to be in conversation—shared with people and collectives in kinship.
We are situated on the ground floor overlooking the water on the west corner of Pakhuis Wilhelmina in Amsterdam. We’re open every Thursday and Friday from 12.00–18.00, or by appointment.


With the wind of the same name, mistral shares the capacity to uncover and amass content, while being aware of the dynamic and circular processes of this act of accumulation.
mistral is interested in the concept of collection not as a noun, but as a verb: a collection could endlessly be assigned significance depending on how it is contextualized and who interacts with it. A collection doesn’t only involve ‘things’, but also caretakers, ephemeral matter and relationships. Rather than exclusivity being the conclusion, we prefer to embrace the complexity and abundance from which things are accumulated.
mistral aims to work with specific kinds of collections—both private as well as institutional, within visual arts and beyond, organized or messy—as a way to engage and make public the urgency and community that has made that collection possible, and meaningful.

mistral has been initiated by Radna Rumping and Huib Haye van der Werf.


winter hibernation

(Hibernation is a seasonal heterothermy characterized by low body-temperature, slow breathing and heart-rate, and low metabolic rate. It most commonly occurs during winter months.)
After our summer hangouts, that took place in between two lockdowns in the Netherlands, we moved into a state of winter hibernation. mistral is still here, but currently not open to the public—although an individual visit is possible by appointment. While we’re gaining energy and are developing plans for 2021 you can expect other life signs from mistral through the airwaves and our window, coming up soon.
In Spring 2021 we will start our public program again, with Sands Murray-Wassink and the Gift Science Archive project—in collaboration with If I Can’t Dance. In the meantime Sands his horse drawing ‘chin up’ (2020) is keeping us close company. To stay updated subscribe to our newsletter or follow us on Instagram.

2020 summer hangouts

*, **

During August and September 2020, we held a series of summer hangouts as a way to casually bring audiences together during these uncanny times. During these ‘soft openings’ everyone was welcome to the space to have a drink, some food together, and mark our new beginnings. At each of the three summer hangouts, there was a dj set prepared by a selector who views playing music as a way of sharing references, speaking through sound, and making connections of meaning.
The events turned out to be fabulously intimate, and wonderfully rich in content. Our big thanks to our selectors Bardhi Haliti, Idi Amal Dada & Alpine 3000, and Urok Shirhan (in collaboration with Radio Alhara).
*    please be aware that because of Covid-19 our space can only host a small amount of people, keeping a safe distance in mind; in some cases a reservation is needed, please check our event descriptions for further information
**   if you like to support mistral and our future program, feel welcome to make a donation (please bring cash)

Thurday, 17 September *
Doors open: 5pm
collective dj set at 5pm by Urok Shirhan with Cascou and Youset (Radio Alhara)
End: 8pm

Perpetual Finales offers a sonic contemplation on endings, closures, finales and, perhaps, anticlimaxes. A finale in and of itself, it sonifies the third part in mistral’s Summer Hangouts, and indeed, the last week of summer 2020. On the evening of the New Moon in Libra, the sign of balance, Urok Shirhan teams up with Radio Alhara resident dj’s Cascou and Youset, in a collective effort comprising three different takes on the idea of ‘endings’ in music. This collective collection for mistral also marks the third part of a series of shows by Youset (Yousef Anastas, Radio Alhara co-founder). The first part was made up of sonic ‘beginnings’, overtures and openings, and the second consisted of a selection sonifying ‘thresholds’ and other in-between states. Perpetual Finales traverses manifold interpretations of and associations with the idea of a ‘finale’: as a conclusion, a breaking point, catharsis, relief… or as unresolved, gridlocked, not ready to let go...
Perpetual Finales will be audible in a trio of locales: through Radio Alhara, broadcasting live from Bethlehem, Palestine; through Jajajaneeneenee, broadcasting live from Amsterdam; and on-site at mistral’s physical space.”

*    all proceeds of this evening will be donated to the Beirut Musicians' Fund

Friday, 4 September *, **
Doors open: 5pm
Interludes To My Dreams
a playlist and dj set by Idi Amal Dada & Alpine 3000
End: 8pm
Listen to the playlist on Spotify (handout)

Interludes To My Dreams zooms into the skits, interludes and sequences that transformed music albums to cinematographic film sets, game shows, books or a speakeasy. Sometimes interludes inserted humor to soften the mood or subverted stereotypes to unpack oppression. Growing up in the 90s, counter culture was for some of us shaped by alternative forms of deep-listening to music collectively or alone. Retreating from the mundane, normative everyday life to step into surrealist levitation of The Stakes are High. Interludes To My Dreams is a turn towards the skit and music as a meditative tool to process (teenage) angst and fall into references as sonic footnotes.”
Idi Amal Dada & Alpine 3000

*    this event is by now fully booked. We will provide a playlist afterwards so you can also listen from home or somewhere else
**   our neighbours at Corridor project space also have an opening this evening (link)

Friday, 21 August *
Doors open: 5pm
dj set at 6pm by Bardhi Haliti (handout)
End: 8pm

The albums displayed in this space are a selection out of hundreds of records I have collected over the years. They range from phonetic poetry and experimental sounds to repetitive drone and art pop. They have been acquired through different record shops and online platforms, facilitating conversations with strangers and enabling meeting new people who share similar interests. They have traveled with me in suitcases in different cities and countries I have lived in. The collection has inspired projects and has been the soundtrack to my work, research and pleasure.… The selected records are presented here not only for their sonic distinction and status, but also for their visual allure.

*    our neighbours at Corridor project space also have an opening this evening (link)

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